Save the Fort Point Jellyfish!

An environmental catastrophe is occurring today in downtown Boston - migrating jellyfish are trapped within Fort Point channel with no apparent means of escape. We need to come to the aid of these jellyfish, who have no way of saving themselves.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Save the Fort Point Jellies!

About a week ago, a smack (the word for a group of jellyfish) of jellyfish appeared in Boston's Fort Point Channel, between the Summer Street bridge and the Congress Street bridge. Since then, these jellyfish have not moved, trapped in the channel by massive flooding caused by the 9 days of rain that besieged Boston in the previous week. Jellyfish are normally migratory animals, and it is strange to see a smack of them staying in the same area for a solid week. Something is wrong here, and intervention is needed to save these helpless jellyfish.

The Save the Fort Point Jellies Campaign believes that we must preserve the safety of marine animals in order that future generations can enjoy their presence. Saving the Fort Point Jellies is just one step in preserving our natural ecology.


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